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News Update 8th Feb - Two fantastic pieces of news to report! Firstly we have crept over the £1000 mark, so the feeling is we have great belief in the project and that the Community wants to be part of the Soulfit project. Secondly we have official confirmation on our 'Change of Use' application from the Council, so we can officially start transforming the building, the builders will be going in next week. Thanks so much for your support so far, we're well on course 


If you are passionate about the life enhancing benefits physical activity delivers then we’d love you to join us in creating Soulfit- a new integrated wellness space in the small Sussex town of Lewes.  

We are a successful, established local Personal Training business, with an ambition now to extend our expertise to a wider audience. To do that we want to create a beautiful permanent space that will enable us to offer a variety of physical and mental fitness classes, catering for every age group and ability level.  

Our aim is to deliver our existing Personal Training services alongside a Yoga studio, offering classes to the widest possible community. In addition to the physical aspects of Soulfit, we’ll use the space for related treatments - such as physio and sports massage.   


Why are we different? 

In a small town like Lewes there are fewer facilities than bigger places, yet there is just as great a need for a beautiful welcoming space offering a holistic approach to Health, Fitness and Wellbeing. We believe that dedicated localised centres are the future of integrated wellness and want to offer this out to the Lewes community. 

We’ve identified a building that will allow us to create a space which is vibrant, but calm and super friendly. It will be somewhere for local people to immerse themselves in physical activity, to be mindful, or to engage with others.  

More than that we want to make it accessible for everyone - so our doors will be open to all members of the community, of all ages and all levels. There will be a variety of yoga classes - ranging from dynamic Vinyassa Flow through to Restorative Yin. Built into our business plan are subsidised or free sessions to members who wouldn’t normally be able or willing to take part. The classes will be taught by a combination of the most talented local teachers and guest facilitators with specialist expertise. 


Who’s on board? 

We have been incredibly lucky to have received an initial investment fund of over £20,000 from a number of our existing clients. Not only has their interest been financial but also practical in terms of advice and help. Their belief in our plan for Soulfit has spurred us on to create an amazing space and business to service our Community.

Inner fuel 

We’ll nourish clients from the inside out with juices, herbal teas, coffee and healthy snacks, and will have an area for our customers to converse before heading back into the outside world. Our ingredients will be sourced locally, sustainably, and where possible organically. We’ll combine best nutritional value with a deep intention to support the local economy and all takeaway drinks will be sold in biodegradeable cups. 


Start small and grow 

We want the space to be constantly in use throughout the day, serving all aspects of our unique and diverse community. 

Our intention/aim is to grow and evolve our timetables as we raise awareness, and learn from our Soulfit customers.  Our launch schedule already hosts an incredible community of yoga teachers, many of whom already practice in and around Lewes.  We also have many exciting plans in discussion for workshops throughout the year such as cycling, running, physio, nutrition and overall emotional wellbeing.  


What our customers say about us 

"Training with Gyles helped me enormously to stand a busy and difficult life: it gave me strength and relieved the stress" Antonella Manacorda - Conductor 

"Gyles is a really expert personal trainer. He has the skill to know exactly what works and how to get the best out of the hour's session. I always feel confident that his judgement on what I can do is exactly right and I know training with him is doing me so much good. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting help with improving fitness" 
Janet Mc Gowan - Doctor 

"Before fitbot I was weak enough to twist my knee going through a rail ticket barrier. 4 weeks of training later, I was strong enough to pull a 40 kilo pulk across 100 miles of ice and felt like I was in my early twenties again. I have enjoyed it so much I've kept the training going just to keep feeling good and stop twisting my knee through ticket barriers"Ed 40, Lewes 

"I have trained with Gyles, as my Personal Trainer, for about a year now and my fitness level has improved enormously over that period.  For me, he brings a professional approach to the requirements of my physique and is allowing me to enjoy my life to the full.  That does not mean to say that it has been easy because Gyles has the skill and ability to access my needs for improved mobility and stamina. 
I am finding that, whilst the overall level of fitness I now enjoy requires continuing attention, Gyles has the amazing skill to access my needs and to introduce a programme of new exercises and techniques.  He also has the ability to explain why a particular exercise is beneficial and to which range of muscles it applies. I look forward to continuing my sessions with Gyles and have no hesitation in highly recommending his skills and professionalism" Diane 70, Seaford 

"I've always been quite fit & healthy, but never had the will-power to take it to the next level. I started working with Gyles 6 months ago and the results have been excellent. I feel stronger & fitter than ever before and I really enjoy the training sessions. I've also learned a lot more about body mechanics and how to exercise more efficiently which has been a real bonus" Myles 38, Lewes 

What will your pledge go towards? 

We are converting the interior of the building from an office to a studio, so a proportion of the funds will be used for the refurbishment into a unique, beautiful space to practice Yoga and Train. 

Community is at the heart of what we do and we would like part of our timetable to be focused on those who would benefit most from our services. These classes we hope to provide for free or at least heavily subsidised. Funds will enable us to run classes for the young, old and disadvantaged.


We anticipate that SoulFit would be open for business at the end of February 2018, allowing us time to ready the building, organise our team and market our service.  


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